Rose Virginia Butler

My Tu-what?

A purple dinosaur bandaid where I got my tetanus shot?! Yes, please! #worthit
New #makeup #selfie. Loving my new #UrbanDecay foundation!

A Pep Talk from Kid President and GROVER! I’m sharing this everywhere because “internets.”


OMG, you guys. Looking for a non-GMO version of Doritos nacho chips? Beanitos are amazing and non-GMO verified! But be careful! They’re addictive!
I decorated! #halloween #Samhain #decorations
Morning snuggles with the cat. My muscles are too sore from yesterday’s workout to get out of bed. LOL. Somebody brew me some coffee! Or tea. I can go for some English Breakfast as well.
Here’s my #transformationtuesday pic! Six months, 23 pounds, and three sizes later! Getting diagnosed with high cholesterol was the best thing that ever happened to my health apparently. (Oh, and if I can refrain from making negative comments about this pic, so can you.) ;)
"Did you take it yet?" Click. "Oh." LOL. Taking pics for the transformation Tuesday picture I’m posting tomorrow. And yes, the kittens totally photo bombed all of them. LOL
Me after work on a Sunday (our busiest day). Z took this of me, and I think it’s rather #pretty. :)
A poor woman’s berry pancake for #breakfast. Toast, fruit, and honey. And chai tea with soy milk and maple syrup. #yum