Rose Virginia Butler

My Tu-what?

I’ve been avoiding exercise because I shrunk out of my last sports bra and those things are expensive. Then I realized that there are lots of exercises I can do without a bra at all, so I went for a walk (hence the picture). I’m also thinking about doing some yoga. Anyway, mini-blogging on instagram. LOL
I love this book EVEN MORE now for mentioning @nanowrimo! How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead, by Ariel Gore. #amwriting
Woo hoo! A whole $5 more! #sarcasm. I’m still #grateful though. #foodstamps
I am loving this book so far! Ariel Gore is awesome. #amwriting
#Breakfast! Leftover #vegetarian chili and rice, scrambled #eggs, and #avocado. #Yum!
It’s that time of year! :D #Halloween #shopping #candy
I had a visit from a couple of new stray cats tonight. I don’t think they were feral because they let me pet them. I only got a picture of one. Poor scrawny things. I hope someone didn’t dump them.
Look at this beauty! I bought it specifically to bring to work, and now I don’t have to bombard my recycling bin with plastic cups. @nanowrimo pride! #NaNoWriMo
OMG, this is the best movie! “Why, Mr. Van Dam … you are Jewish.” #LMAO #JudiDench
My hand looks like I got attacked by a baby dragon. LOL. Really, it was a hot popcorn pot and a broken bucket lid, respectively.