Rose Virginia Butler

My Tu-what?

Tried to solve an argument about the definition of bathe by looking it up in the dictionary … damn it, we’re both right! LOL
I don’t even. #Shakespeare #StarWars #ShakespearesStarWars?

“Courage and calm can help us create. The opposite of courage, fear, can freeze our mind as surely as it can our body. When we worry about how our thoughts will be received, rejected, or ridiculed, we have difficulty thinking of new ideas. In times of fear, the traditional path seems the safe one. But if we can free ourselves of the fear of what others think about us and if we can strike strongly out on our own and let the chips fall where they may, we will increase our creative fluency.”

—   Thinking, by Gary R. Kirby and Jeffery R. Goodpaster
It came!!! Thank gods for sales! #winner #NaNoWriMo @nanowrimo
Fall fabric makes me happy. :)
I just found this old story amongst some stuff. It might be an old NaNoWriMo attempt, but I can’t say for sure. One thing’s for certain, I have a thing for saving magical royal babies by sending them to our world. LOL
Here’s a picture of my hair, by the way. I loves it. #hairporn #longhair
I came into work early for #breakfast. I turned my fruit cup with walnuts into a #smoothie and paired it with whole wheat toast.

On another note, a co-worker recently said that taking pictures of your food is basically “taking a before picture of your shit.” How’s that for #foodporn? XD
Another photo wishing you all a happy #Lammas! I made my first corn dolly today, with homegrown corn husks! (I’ve been a #Wiccan for over 4 years, and I’ve never made a corn dolly? What’s up with that?!) Getting ready to feast right now. Chile relleno! Yum!
Happy #Lammas! #Wiccan #pagan #witch #Sabbat #love